by June 14, 2022

ChargeTray is a multifunctional accessory tray with built-in wireless and wired charger. This modern leather accessory tray can charge up to 3 devices while conveniently storing all of your daily essentials. With built-in over-heating and over-charging protection, you never have to worry about leaving your phone unattended while charging.

 Power And Organize All Your Daily Essentials

Charge Up To 3 Devices

ChargeTray features a wireless charger, USB-C, and USB-A charging ports that let you organize and charge 3 devices simultaneously. The Smart Chip Protection technology prevents damage from overcharging so you can safely power up your phone, accessories, and other gadgets all at once.

10W Wireless Charger quickly charges your smartphone

Fast and effortless charging with a 10W wireless charger. This innovative tech makes sure you’re always ready to go.

Premium Design

Perfect for keeping your daily essentials organized and within reach, our modern leather accessory tray is made in premium Micro Touch Leather with an aluminum housing for a refined look.

Top Questions About ChargeTray

Q: What is included in the box?

A: ChargeTray, 18W power adapter and USB-A to USB-C cable

Q: What is the maximum output of the wireless charger?

A: 10W using the included 18W power adapter.

Q: What is the maximum output of the wired ports?

A: The maximum output of the wired ports is 5W each. These ports are designed for charging smaller devices such as wireless headphones and smart watches. While a device is being wirelessly charged, the two wired ports share 5W of output.

Q: Will it charge my phone if it’s in a case?

A: Yes, the wireless charger can connect with a device at a maximum distance of 8mm which is less than the thickness of most cell phone cases.

Q: Will the wireless charger work with my smart watch?

A: The wireless charger is not designed to charge smart watches as they use proprietary connectors to wirelessly charge. You can connect the cable to the wired port to charge your smart watch.

Are your customers interested in productivity, tech, or travel?

…then the ChargeTray could be a great product to offer them.  This wireless charger is ideal for frequent travelers, people who love being organized, and those who prefer to #workfromhome. You can offer this product as the perfect addition to their work desk, travel-for-work kit, or their home office space.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, head over to the Charge Tray product page to get information on pricing and inventory. You can also sell the ChargeTrayas a bundle, with other KeySmart travel or tech products, to give your customers the best value. We’ve got a detailed Retailer Guide right here, that gives you all the information you need. And if you need extra assistance, drop a message at and one of our reps will be happy to help you. This information is only available to KeySmart Retailers. If you’re interested in joining the KeySmart community, click the button below and fill out a quick form.  

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