How to Get the Best Out of Q2 with KeySmart

by Chipo Biti March 31, 2022

Q2 is here! It’s safe to say we’ve settled into the new year and all sights are set on making this year count. Earlier this year, we published a Retailer Guide to help our retailers understand KeySmart products better. We also included product bundles that retailers can sell for specific holidays throughout the year.  Considering how extensive the guide is, we’ve decided to create mini-guides on how to sell KeySmart products throughout the year. Q2 has three major “shopping” days and we want to show you how you can use KeySmart products to offer your customers memorable gifting ideas.

Q2 Holidays with KeySmart

Mother’s Day: Sunday, 8 May

Make Mom’s day extra special with a KeySmart gift to make her life a little bit easier.

Treat her to a keychain accessory like the BagHang+, CorkSmart, NanoScissors, or NanoFile. She’ll love them. 

 You can take things up a notch by adding a KeySmart Pro or KeySmart Max Blush to create a neat multitool. 

 And if you’re looking for something different - we’ve got you covered. Select one of our next-level tech accessories like the CleanLight Snooze, TaskPad, or TaskPad Mini to improve the home or upgrade her workspace.

Father’s Day: Sunday, 19 June

Dads can never have too many tools. Help your dad stay organized & ready for any adventure with the Ultimate Multitool: 

 A KeySmart key holder (Pro, Max, or Rugged), a MagConnect, and any 3 of these accessories: 

AllTul Raptor 

AllTul Vulture 



Mini Knife 

Nano Wrench 

Nano Pliers 

Nano Scissors 

 And if Dad is more of an office man, surprise him with any of these tech accessories to upgrade his workspace: TaskPad, TaskPad Mini, Ultimate Charger, or ChargeBook.   We also have a series of wallets that could also work as a great gift for Father’s Day.  If Dad is a golf lover, consider throwing in the RecoverID Golf Packas an extra gift to help his clubs stay safe at all times.

Memorial Day: Monday, 30 May

Memorial Day is often associated with barbecues and the beginning of summer, but it’s also a special time to honor the people in your life who have served the country. 

Our KeySmart keyholders are firm favorites as gifts for any occasion. Add a couple of accessories like the AllTul, Mini Knife, or Nano Wrench to give your gift an extra touch. 

Tech accessories like the ChargeBook, Ultimate Charger, or TaskPad are ideal for the occasion as well.

KeySmart MAP Holidays

Father's Dayand Memorial Dayare MAP Holidays!

During this time, retailers can offer 20% off the MSRP for any KeySmart product for a certain period of time.

To learn more about KeySmart MAP Holidays, visit this page.

If you’re interested in participating in KeySmart MAP Holidays, send an email to and a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible. 

This opportunity is only applicable to KeySmart Retailers, so if you’d like to be a part of this, click the button below and sign up today.

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