KeySmart Max Blush: Smarter, Brighter, Louder…in Pink!

by Chipo Biti March 23, 2022

Keep your keys streamlined, organized, and in style with the new KeySmart Max Blush.

This new key holder is for KeySmart customers who would prefer a chic option to organize their keys, track their phone's location, and stay ready on the go at all times.

With the Max, you can rest assured that your keys will never be lost again. Using the free Tile™ app, you can ring your KeySmart Max from your phone to find it quickly around the house or find it's last location on a map. Lose your phone? Double tap the Tile™ button on the KeySmart Max to ring your phone, even on silent.

Keep Your Keys Neat & Chic

Smart Key Holder with Location Tracking

Never lose your keys again with the KeySmart Max Blush with built in Tile™. Use the free Tile™ app and 150ft Bluetooth range to locate your keys on a map, or your phone when you can’t find them. You can make your lost phone ring - even on silent!

Streamline Your Keychain & Add Useful Tools

Organize up to 14 keys & easily attach car key fob & other tools with included black loop ring. Great for saving space and avoiding noisy, key jingle! Add useful accessories like the mirror/nail file or a USB drive so your keys have everything you need.

Louder, Brighter, and Lasts Longer

Includes 2x more powerful rechargeable battery with included micro-USB cable (lasts up to 60 days depending on use), a 2x brighter flashlight, & free multi-tool

Top Questions About the KeySmart Max Blush

Q: How long will the battery on the KeySmart Max last?

A: The KeySmart Max has a 160 mAh battery that will last up to 60 days. Using the flashlight will drain the battery faster and may shorten the life

Q: Is the battery rechargeable?

A: Yes. It charges in about 1 hour and we include a charging cable.

Q: Will all types of keys fit?

A: KeySmart Max fits all flat keys up to 80mm in length.

Q: Does the bottle opener take up space in the KeySmart Max?

A: Yes, the bottle opener counts as 1 key in the assembly.

Q: How bright is the flashlight on the KeySmart Max?

A: The flashlight has a brightness of 30 lumens.

Q: Can I use expansion packs with the KeySmart Max?

A: No, the expansion packs are not compatible with the KeySmart Max. However, the included screws allow you to keep up to 14 keys!

Q: Can I add my logo to the KeySmart Max?

A: Yes! You can learn more at about our customization options at

Q: How do I assemble the KeySmart Max?

A: Check out our demonstration video on vimeo.

Do you have a strong female customer base?

Are you looking to add a new product to your current stock? The KeySmart Max Blush could be the perfect addition to what you currently offer your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, head over to the KeySmart Max Blush product page to get information on pricing and inventory. You can also sell the KeySmart Max Blush as a bundle, with other KeySmart travel or tech products, to give your customers the best value. We’ve got a detailed Retailer Guide right here, that gives you all the information you need. And if you need extra assistance, drop a message at and one of our reps will be happy to help you. This information is only available to KeySmart Retailers. If you’re interested in joining the KeySmart community, click the button below and fill out a quick form.  

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