2022 KeySmart Retailer Guide

by Chipo Biti January 08, 2022

At KeySmart, we’re proud to hear about the success our retail partners experience with our products. Our goal is to create innovative, valuable products that make people’s lives much easier. But, that’s not all. It’s important to us that you, the retailer, have the best knowledge on how to sell our products and see profitable returns in your business. 

We know time is money and when running a retail business you never have enough of it. So we created this quick and easy guide of our best-selling products and the different ways in which you can offer them to your customers. 

We’ve also included product bundles that you can sell for specific holidays throughout the year. By the time you’ve finished this guide, you will have a better understanding of our products at KeySmart and how you can create the best value for your customers.

KeySmart Best-Selling Products

Smart Key Holders with Location Tracking

KeySmart Pro & KeySmart Max

Never lose your keys again with the KeySmart Pro and KeySmart Max: the world’s smartest & most advanced key holders. With in-built Tile™ smart technology, you can ring your keys from your phone and find them on a map. These key holders are perfect for customers who are regularly on the go and need to know where their keys are at all times.

Both key holders have met major success, with the KeySmart Pro performing exceptionally well on a national scale. Ace Hardware and Best Buy are among the retailers we’ve run successful programs within the last year. 

The KeySmart Pro comes in four different colors: Black, Red, Rose Gold, and Slate. 

The KeySmart Max comes in Slate Gray and, recently added, Blush.

KeySmart Rugged

We call it the “Toughest Key Holder”. If your customers are into DIY, the outdoors, or just need a stronger, sturdier option then this is the KeySmart for them. 

This key holder features thicker aircraft aluminum plates for extra durability and a pocket clip so your keys are always within reach. 

The included bottle opener fits compactly into the KeySmart Rugged and features a loop piece to allow you to attach your car keys. To make your KeySmart Rugged the ultimate DIY multi-tool, you can add accessories like the MiniKnife, MultiTool, NanoScissors, or NanoPliers.

Key holders for $20 or Less

Are your customers on a budget? No problem. Our most popular key holders come in under $20 and are perfect for impulse sections or the front-end of your store.

KeySmart Original

You can never go wrong with the KeySmart Original, our first key holder that changed the game and brought in a simpler way for people to organize their keys. It comes in 3 different colors and is suitable for anyone. The KeySmart Original is at the top of our best-selling KeySmart key holders. Pro tip: we typically see the Black color outperform Red and Blue 2 to 1.

KeySmart Flex

KeySmart Flex is a compact and affordable key holder - perfect for gifting on a budget as well. It's made from flexible polycarbonate plastic and designed to work with your existing keys and requires no tools to assemble. 

This key holder fits up to 8 comes in one color, black, and includes a loop ring for you to attach your car keys. We’ve seen massive results with the KeySmart Flex; having executed successful programs with major retailers such as Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, Ace Hardware, Meijer, and Container Store.

Accessorize Your KeySmart

We get a lot of questions from retailers about which products go well with our key holders. We have 2 categories of accessories to make your customers' lives much easier:

1. NanoTools

These miniature tools will keep you prepared for any adventure thrown your way. They’re designed to fit perfectly inside any KeySmart key holder or on your standard keychain. Over half of the customers on our website purchase at least one accessory with their KeySmart key holder!

Our best-selling tools include:

  • SafeBlade: A keychain box cutter that allows you to open packages without cutting your finger.
  • Multitool: Combines 5 powerful tools into one slick gadget that fits seamlessly inside your KeySmart.
  • NanoPliers: Super portable pliers will fit perfectly and are great for anything that is too difficult/uncomfortable to grip with your fingers.
  • NanoScissors: Quickly cut things on the go with these spring-action scissors that fit perfectly inside your KeySmart or on your keychain.
  • MiniKnife: With this easy-to-carry knife nearby, you can easily, immediately, and one-handedly respond to virtually any cutting task.
  • NanoFile: This compact nail file and mirror accessory fits perfectly inside your KeySmart so that you can fix a broken nail or check your appearance wherever you are.
  • Bottle Opener: Extremely durable bottle opener that fits inside any of our KeySmart key organizers. Always be prepared for a cold one.

These are just the best-sellers. You can take a look at more of our nanotools here.


2. KeySmart Multi-Tools & Accessories

These unique products are designed to make your life a little easier. They can fit on a keychain, but they’ll look way better on your KeySmart key holder. Our best-selling products in this category are:


AllTul Multi-Tools

Be prepared for any situation with one of these animal-inspired multi-tools. AllTul is among our best-selling products and is a top seller on Faire, a wholesale marketplace for independent retailers. 

Depending on the model, you can use your AllTul as a bottle opener, wrench, spoke tightener, pry bar, carabiner, letter opener, box opener, or screwdriver! These stainless steel tools are durable and make great gifts for any occasion. 

 You can hook this to your keychain or easily combine this tool with a MagConnect to attach it to your KeySmart key holder.

BagHang+ is a handy keychain multi-tool that can hang your bag and/or purse on a steady surface, keeping it off the dirty ground. This nifty tool also doubles up as a sturdy phone stand, so you can comfortably watch videos, take a call, or scroll through social media. Included is a carabiner that allows for easy clipping and carrying.

The table-top arm features nano-grip material to hold your bag securely. BagHang+ works on tables up to 1.5in thick. This accessory is one of our rising stars with so much demand since its launch we’ve sold through our inventory twice!

CorkSmart is a handy 2-in-1 wine and bottle opener that fits perfectly on your keychain or KeySmart so you can enjoy a drink wherever you are! This easy-open corkscrew has a strong pull so you can uncork your favorite wine on a rooftop, at a park, or even at home after a long day. 

The CorkSmart also doubles up as a bottle opener for you to crack open a cold one anywhere you are.

Whether you’re out hiking, camping, or even at an impromptu BBQ, CorkSmart is your handy solution to opening any bottle.

Want to add more tools to your KeySmart? We’ve got you covered. The MagConnect is a magnetic quick-connect that allows you to link your key holder with any accessories of your choice. You can quickly attach or disconnect from bags, a car fob, or any other devices. Not only is this accessory convenient, but it’s also super strong so you can trust that your items are safe when you attach them to this accessory.

MagConnect is one of our fastest moving products, with 80% of customers in a retail test at b8ta purchasing at least one unit with their KeySmart key holder. Did we also mention that this product won the Buyer’s Choice award at the 2021 ECRM Automotive, Hardware, & ASOTV trade show?

Next-Level Tech Accessories from KeySmart

These won’t fit on a KeySmart but they make for great gifts. Each of our tech products has innovative features designed to make your life better. From wireless charging desk pads perfectly suited for working from home to portable chargers that will keep your devices on full all day, this line of tech products is sure to boost your productivity.

Plan your day, stay organized, and keep your phone fully charged throughout your busy day with the ChargeBook

The wireless charger is cleverly placed inside the front cover so you can charge your phone by simply placing it in the secure pocket on the front of the ChargeBook. You can also use the built-in 3-in-1 cable to charge any device.

Sleep soundly and breathe easy with this 4-in-1 Air Purifier, Sound Machine, Nightlight, and Diffuser. CleanLight Snooze supports deep, restorative sleep and removes allergens, dust, smoke, and dander from the air.

The compact design is easy to take with you while you travel and doesn't take up much space on your bedside table. This device is perfect for nurseries as well. We have already seen success with CleanLight Snooze through a TV shopping network that helped us launch the product. Check out the spot they ran here.

#WorkFromHome just got 10x better with theTaskPad Wireless Charger and Deskpad. This device provides a smooth and durable surface for working and brings structure and organization to your work area.

A built-in 10W wireless charger quickly powers your devices while you work. The overheat protection prevents your device from the damage of overcharging. Perfect for quickly charging your phone, AirPods, or compatible watch. The premium PU leather is water and stain resistant easily wipes clean and works well with optical mice.

The TaskPad Mini is a new addition to this product range and is perfect for customers looking for a smaller option. You can still charge your mobile device on this pad, and use it as a mousepad at the same time.

The Ultimate Charger is a portable powerhouse that provides enough power to charge your laptop at full speed while charging two other devices. 20,000mAh capacity allows you to fully charge your laptop or charge your smartphone 7 times. Perfect for frequent travelers and busy commuters.

MultiPort Recharging means you will always have a cable that can recharge the battery pack. The travel-ready slim design features an ultra-durable metal case and LED battery life indicator.  If your customers would like a simpler more affordable version, take a look at our Portable Charger here.

Promo Ideas for Key Holidays in 2022:

Valentine's Day

Nothing says "I love you" like helping your partner get organized! 

Surprise your loved one with a Smart key holder like the KeySmart Pro or KeySmart Max, to help them keep track of their keys at all times. We recommend the Slate Gray KeySmart Pro or Steel Gray KeySmart Max for him, and a Rose Gold KeySmart Pro or KeySmart Max Blush for her. To make the gift extra special, throw in a MagConnect QuickConnect and any of these accessories so that your partner can be prepared for any situation at all times:

For Him: AllTul, SafeBlade, Pocket Clip, MultiTool 

For Her: BagHang+, NanoFile, NanoScissors, CorkSmart

Mother's Day

Gifts for Mom

Treat your mom to a keychain accessory like the BagHang+, CorkSmart, NanoScissors, or NanoFile. You can take things up a notch by adding a KeySmart Pro or KeySmart Max to create a neat multitool.

Looking for something different? We've got you.

Tech accessories like the CleanLight Snooze, TaskPad, or TaskPad Mini are great gifts to make life a bit easier and your mom much happier.

Father's Day

Gifts for Dad

Dad's can never have too many tools. Help your dad stay ready for any adventure with the Ultimate Multitool:

A KeySmart key holder (Pro, Max, or Rugged), a MagConnect, and any 3 of these accessories:

AllTul Raptor

AllTul Vulture



Mini Knife

Nano Wrench

Nano Pliers

Nano Scissors


Alternatively, you can get Dad any of these tech accessories to help him stay organized: TaskPad, TaskPad Mini, Ultimate Charger, or ChargeBook.

If Dad is a golf lover, consider throwing in the RecoverID Golf Pack as an extra gift to help his clubs stay safe at all times.


Q4 Holiday Season

'Tis the season for gifts and giving! Nothing tells your loved ones, "I appreciate you" like a thoughtful gift.

Keysmart key holders are always a good idea. You can’t go wrong with this bundle:

KeySmart Max + MagConnect (Black or Titanium) + 2 of any of these accessories:

AllTul Dino 

 AllTul Raptor 


 Pocket Clip  






Go All Out With Any of These Tech Gifts: 

 Ultimate Charger 

 Portable Charger 


 CleanLight Snooze


 TaskPad Mini


All the products we’ve mentioned here have seen great success with our retail partners and received stellar reviews from their customers. We don’t want you to miss out on this in 2022. With our gift guide suggestions, you will be able to choose the right products for your specific customers. 

If you’re interested in anything you’ve seen in this guide or have a question you want to ask, send us an email at wholesale@curvgroup.com and one of our reps will respond to you as soon as possible. 

 These products are only available to authorized KeySmart Retailers, so if you haven’t become one yet click the link below to apple for your wholesale account today.

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