2-in-1 Wine and Bottle Opener


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CorkSmart is a handy 2-in-1 wine and bottle opener that fits perfectly on your keychain or KeySmart so you can enjoy a drink wherever you are!

This easy-open corkscrew has a strong pull so you can uncork your favorite wine on a rooftop, at a park, or even at home after a long day. The CorkSmart also doubles up as a bottle opener for you to crack open a cold one anywhere you are.

Whether you’re out hiking, camping, or even at an impromptu BBQ, CorkSmart is your handy solution to opening any bottle.

  • EASY-OPEN CORKSCREW with strong pull so you can uncork your favorite wine no matter where you are
  • STURDY, STAINLESS STEEL bottle opener with a firm grip so you can easily crack open a bottle
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT with a hole to attach your keychain or KeySmart for an easy carry.