MagSlim Wallet

The Ultimate Phone Wallet


MagSlim wallet is sleek, secure and ultra durable. MagSlim's TecTuff® Leather is resistant to water, stains and abrasions. The powerful nano-suction technology secures the MagSlim Wallet to any phone, including iphones and androids. The easy-slide slot makes it easy to access your cards, ID and cash, for extra convenience.

COMBINE YOUR PHONE & WALLET - Get out the door faster & never leave without your wallet!
NANO-SUCTION ADHESIVE - Millions of nano-sized suction cups create vacuum effect to secure wallet to Android or iPhone
MAGSAFE COMPATIBLE - Includes magnet to effortlessly secure to any iPhone 12 + series
QUICK ACCESS to 3 cards with thumb-slot - without removing the wallet from your phone!
STAIN & WATER RESISTANT - Ultra durable TecTuff® Leather lasts 10x longer than traditional leather