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The ChargeBook is a 3-in-1 charger, daily planner, and organizer that helps you stay organized and fully charged throughout your busy day.

The wireless charger is cleverly placed inside the front cover so you can charge your phone by simply placing it in the secure pocket on the front of the ChargeBook. You can also use the built-in 3-in-1 cable to charge any device.

  • CHARGE ON-THE-GO -Wireless & Wired Portable Charging built into the front cover and 3-in-1 charging cable (type-c, lightning & android) with a power bank in the back cover
  • CALENDAR, ADDRESS BOOK, & NOTE TAKING PAGES -Make the Chargebook your go-do daily planner.
  • 8 POCKETS FOR OBSESSIVE ORGANIZATION -Organize credit cards, cash, cables & more in 8 pockets.
  • BUILT-IN, RECHARGEABLE POWER BANK YOU CAN TRUST -The 8,000mAh rechargeable battery is ultra-slim inside the front cover, capable of charging iPhones, androids, tablets & more.
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP -The ChargeBook comes with a high-quality, durable feel. \* Includes magnetic clasp with a secret 8GB USB flash drive
  • Product Specs
    Item Specifications
    Materials PU Leather
    Product Dims 9.45 L x 7.09 W x 1.5 H
    Product Weight 2.2 lbs
    Inner Case Specifications
    Inner Case Qty 5
    Inner Case Dims 10.0 L x 9.0 W x 11.0 H
    Master Case Specifications
    Master Case Qty 20
    Master Case Dims 20.08 L x 17.72 W x 11.42 H
  • FAQ

    Q: How big is the battery pack and how many times will it charge my phone?

    A: The battery pack is 10,000 mAh. The Chargebook can recharge an iPhone 13 2.6 times. How many times it can charge your specific phone depends on the capacity of the battery in the phone.

    Q: I put my phone on the wireless charger and it's not working. What do I do?

    A: To activate the charger, open the Chargebook and press the power button located on the inside of the back cover. Then place your phone over the wireless charging logo the front of the Chargebook. You may need to slightly adjust the position until you find a connection because the charging coils vary in position from phone to phone.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the Chargebook?

    A: The Chargebook is 7" wide x 9.5" tall x 1.6" thick.

    Q: Can the Chargebook charge my laptop?

    A: No, the Chargebook only produces 10W of power while charging and most laptops require at least 60W. Chargebook is best suited for charging phones, watches, headphones and other small devices.

    Q: What is the capacity of the USB drive in the Chargebook?

    A: The USB drive has a capacity of 8GB.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    KeySmart offers a 1-year limited warranty for all KeySmart products. This warranty covers manufacturing or workmanship defects but does not cover damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear, misuse/abuse, or modification of the product.

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