Universal Power Bank


The Statik Snap-N-Charge is a universal portable charger with a 3000 mAh battery that includes 3 rotating magnetic connectors to charge all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, headphones, cameras, and more. Snap-N-Charge is so small that it can fit in your pocket or purse, so you can charge your devices anywhere you go. The unique 360-degree rotating heads disconnect when dropped, yanked, or pulled to protect your phone from potential damage. Play games, watch movies or stream shows, and keep charging without cables.

Includes 3 Magnetic Connectors USB-C and Micro-USB magnetic connectors allow you to charge all your devices.

Strong & Fast 3000 mAh battery pack built with the latest smart charging technology.

Charge Anywhere You Go Fits in your pocket or purse. No more time wasted being stuck with a wall charger.

Works With Everything Mobile Phones, Tablets, Compatible Laptops, etc. Universal Connectors can charge most smartphones, tablets, headphones, cameras, and more.

Protects Your Expensive Phone The unique 360 degrees rotating heads disconnect when dropped, yanked, or pulled to protect your phone from potential damage.

Play While Charging Play games, watch a movie, stream shows, and keep charging. Stays out of your way.

  • Product Specs
    Item Specifications
    Materials PC + abs + aluminium alloy
    Product Dims 2.95 L x 0.94 W x 1.18 H
    Product Weight 0.31 lbs
    Inner Case Specifications
    Inner Case Qty 10
    Master Case Specifications
    Master Case Qty 150
  • FAQ

    Q: What is the power output of the Statik Snap-N-Charge?

    A: The Snap-N-Charge power bank can handle charging at up to 10W, which is enough to fast-charge most smart phones. To get technical, the Snap-N-Charge is rated for a maximum output of 5V-2A.

    Q: What devices are compatible with the Statik Snap-N-Charge?

    A: The Snap-N-Charge comes with 3 interchangeable magnetic connectors that are compatible with most mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, headphones, drones, cameras, and more.

    Q: How does the Statik Snap-N-Charge protect my phone?

    A: The Snap-N-Charge protects your phone in 3 ways. First, the Snap-N-Charge disconnects when pulled, yanked or tripped over to prevent damage to your charge port. Second, the rotating magnetic connectors reduces the pressure on your charge port that can be caused by twisted or bent cables. Third, the magnetic connectors provide a dust barrier for your charge port while not in use.

    Q: Can the Snap-N-Charge charge cable my tablet?

    A: While the Snap-N-Charge is capable of charging a tablet, the 3000 mAh capacity is not enough to fully charge a tablet battery. Snap-N-Charge is recommended for small electronic devices such as a Smartphone, Wireless Headphones, Gaming Controller, Digital Camera and Wireless Mouse.

  • 1 Year Warranty

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