Ultimate Charger

Portable Multi-Device Power Bank with 65W Power Delivery


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Keep Your Devices Charged Up While You're On The Go!

The Ultimate Charger is a portable powerhouse that provides enough power to charge your laptop at full speed while charging two other devices. 20,000mAh capacity allows you to fully charge your laptop or charge your smartphone 7 times. MultiPort Recharging means you will always have a cable that can recharge the battery pack. The travel-ready slim design features an ultra-durable metal case an LED battery life indicator

65W POWER DELIVERY -Provides enough power to charge a laptop at full speed while charging two other devices

HUGE 20,000mAh CAPACITY -Charge your smartphone 7 times or a full charge for your laptop

MULTIPORT RECHARGE -Use a USB-C, Lightning or MicroUSB to recharge your Ultimate Charge

SLIM & DURABLE METAL BODY -Fits easily into your briefcase, laptop case, or backpack

  • Product Specs
    Item Specifications
    Materials Metal Aluminum; ABS plastic
    Product Dims 6.38 L x 4.17 W x 0.57 H
    Product Weight 1.29 lbs
    Inner Case Specifications
    Inner Case Qty 3
    Inner Case Dims 8.07 L x 4.96 W x 3.94 H
    Inner Case Weight 3.87 lbs
    Master Case Specifications
    Master Case Qty 24
    Master Case Dims 16.54 L x 10.31 W x 8.27 H
    Master Case Weight 30.95 lbs
  • FAQ

    Q: How long does it take to charge the Ultimate Charger?

    A: The charging times vary depending on the type of cable and power adapter. When using a 65W power adapter and the USB-C port, the charge time from 0-100% can be as fast as 1.25 hours. When using the Lightning or Micro-USB port, the charge time from 0-100% can be as fast as 11.5 hours. To optimize charging time, use a USB-C cable with up to a 65W power adapter.

    Q: Can I charge my laptop and phone at the same time?

    A: While charging two devices at once, the maximum power output is limited to 15W per port to prevent the device from overheating. Most laptops require at least 65W of power to recharge their internal battery so you would need to disconnect your phone until you are done charging your laptop.

    Tips For Using the Ultimate Charger

    1. If your device is not charging when you plug it into the Ultimate Charger, press the power button located on the bottom right side of the device.
    2. You can view the remaining power left in your Ultimate Charger by pressing the power button and checking how many days light up. Each dot represents 25% of charging capacity.
    3. To maximize laptop charging power, avoid connecting other devices at the same time. While 2 or more ports are in use, the maximum power delivery is 15W per port.
    4. The Ultimate Charger can only be charged using one port at a time. Use the USB-C port for the fastest charging.
    5. Always be aware of the voltage rating of the devices you are trying to charge. For best results, always match voltage of the device with the corresponding port.
  • 1 Year Warranty

    KeySmart offers a 1-year limited warranty for all KeySmart products. This warranty covers manufacturing or workmanship defects but does not cover damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear, misuse/abuse, or modification of the product.

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